Saturday, November 8, 2008

Investment Options For Todays Market....

I know what you thinking. What options for today's market. Every one and their mama has went into foreclosure. However their are smart Investors that have been their and done that. people don't realize that this is nothing new. My grand parents went threw the great depression and had to kill all of their pigs on their farm, because they did not have enough money to take them to the market. People are losing their buts. But just like the great depression. Their are millionaires being made right now. Their were more millionaires made during the great depression than any other time. They all bought at the bottom of the market and held on for dear life. We now have that same opportunity to prosper. All you have to do is leverage your available funds. I have a few Ideas below. This is a great time to Invest and prosper

You know that the best strategy is to buy low and sell high, but how do you do that and where do you do that today? You don't want to buy a second home or vacation property to hold for a short time and look for appreciation. Those days are gone. We are not yet close enough to the bottom of prices and you will need a lot of cash to hold these properties to eventually see the return. Here is what you can do:

  1. Do Nothing: Put your money in a safe account and wait until you see the market cycle start to climb again. The advantage is that you won't lose. The disadvantage is that you won't gain.

    "Thinking will not overcome fear but action will."
    W. Clement Stone

  2. Private Lending: Credit markets are dry and the legalities around them are stricter. That means there is more demand for private lending and more return to be obtained. Look to established channels to lend through, and do plenty of due diligence before jumping in. The advantage to this is you don't need to utilize your credit or purchase anything. You gain a return for lending your own money. If you need funding go to

  3. Rental Property: Buy a cash flow positive rental property. Look for a market that has seen slow and steady growth, has increasing population and employment, or a market that has a housing shortage due to that growth or due to high foreclosures. As I have written about before, if people cannot or are not buying homes, people will rent. The rental market is climbing as the home buying market is falling. You do need to be able to obtain an attractive mortgage. The upside is that your money is working for you, there are no out of pocket costs, and the market will eventually turn up again. I have a blog full of investment property at

  4. Look Internationally: The international market offers many advantages. Off shore investing offers diversification, foreign exchange advantages, tax and legal benefits, and many times higher returns. No investment is without risk, so there is due diligence to be done. You need to look for credible and experienced companies to work with if you don't want to go at it alone. You will share some of the return, but you will also gain by their involvement in due diligence, legal, tax and negotiation activities.

  5. Distressed Assets: If you are an accredited investor, please contact us for more information about purchasing distressed mortgage assets.

The financial, credit/debt, and real estate markets are in turmoil. Politics has been interjected as well. It is a tough time for everyone, but you can be sure that just as the cycle is down today, it will be up again in the future. Take care of your cash today! And if you can, continue to invest. There are always the right investment vehicles in any market cycle.

If you are looking for financing, We can help, We have private Investors that are partnering with us to capture the benefits of today's market. If you would like information on getting in on some of these drastically reduced Real Estate deals. Please go to


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