Friday, February 27, 2009

handyman possible 4th bedroom ONLY 36K

710- 24th St. E Bradenton, FL 34208 3/1 house built in 1973 handyman possible 4th bedroom ONLY 36K

Need Info Call 941-628-3891

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Got a deal here.



Got a deal here.


Comps are solid. Needs about $5k of work.


Fax over your offers. This is gonna go fast!


House is under contract. Drive by ONLY. Call for showing.


"Big Bang For Your Buck"


 Front of House


 Living Room







609 Telfair Dr
Brandon, FL 33510



4 Bed / 2 Bath





17,575sqft Lot




Repair Costs: $5K + Appliances



Net To Seller: $96K


2k Non-Refundable Deposit Required

Cash Or Hard Money Only  

 Fax All Offers To 941-237-4936

Office  941-628-3891


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review of the Phone Broadcast Club

Review of the Phone Broadcast Club

Business owners today are seeking cost ways to increase sales and decreasing spending. While more and more individuals are using voicemail broadcasting to generate leads can voicemail broadcast be considered an effective marketing tool? The Phone Broadcast Club has recently emerged as a service that gives you the ability to contact hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted prospects with the simple click of a button but how cost effective is this system?

How does the system work?

Club members receive immediate access to the members area upon payment. Each member will create a user name and password that will give them access to the members area.

There is no software to download and you system can virtually be set up within minutes.

1. Make a decision on which leads you will use in the system: MLM Genealogy leads or Business to Business leads, purchase wholesale leads from Phone Broadcast Club or upload your own purchased leads from an outside vendor.

2. Let the system know what time and day you would like to broadcast to begin and end

3. Upload your phone list

4. Either use one of the pre-recorded professional voice messages provided in the back office or call a special number and record your message over the phone.

5. Test the call to insure everything is working properly then press send to broadcast the call to your prospect.


Similar systems can run you anywhere from $500 - $10,000. Phone Broadcast Club has made this system affordable for everyone at a cost of $100 plus a one time set-up fee of $25.00 and a $24.95 monthly fee for maintenance, access to leads, etc. Extensive training is provided via video, training manual and webinar. Members can also receive one on one support via telephone or email.

The cost to send a 30 second connect call can cost as much as 12 cents per call with many companies. The Phone broadcast Club wholesale cost for a 30 second connect call is 1.5 cents per minute making it one of the most affordable voicemail broadcasting systems available.
Over 15 professional voice recorded messages are available to club members at no additional cost. Members can simply download the recorded calls to their computer then upload them into the voicemail broadcasting system.

The Phone Broadcast Club seems to understand the need for its members to start earning immediately. The Phone Broadcast Club has added a reverse 2 up compensation plan which allows members to earn $100 on their first, third training sale and every sale after the fourth sale. The second and forth training sales are passed up to their enroller.

The Phone Broadcast Club provides a scrub against the Do Not Call List and also has a feature which will give you the option of blocking calls to cellular numbers. This is extremely important as it is against the law to make a sales call to cellular number without the prospects authorization since the prospects has to pay for the call.


Although the founder of the Phone Broadcast Club has been in the voice messaging industry for over 5 years , the Phone Broadcast Club is less than six months old and has over 1000+ subscribers. While Phone Broadcast Club provides free access to MLM and Business to Business leads they do not provide access to Consumer Leads.

To help keep the cost down Phone Broadcast Club does provide a robust lead capture page but does not provide a lead capture voice mail box with 800 number. You can set up a voicemail service for free at several providers which may be recommended by your enroller. Like with email marketing, there are going to people individuals who simply do not want to receive your voicemail broadcast. It is very important to use a targeted list.


The Phone Broadcast Club simply annihilates it competitors in cost, reliability and ease of use. In an unstable economy, business owners are seeking ways to increase sales and decrease spending. The Phone Broadcast Club gives you the ability to contact thousands of prospects and increase sales for our business. Add this tool to your advertising arsenal and experience and increase in traffic and sales for your business.What are you waiting for? Let Phone Broadcast Club make you a fortune!

Your Personal Success Mentor

Malendaz Coleman (941) 628-3891
Successful Online Marketer and Full Time Entrepreneur for 12 Years Running

Monday, February 16, 2009

4209 Winding Moss Trail – Tampa 33613

Winding Moss Trail – Tampa 33613

2/2 condo built in 1980 located in The Oaks.  1050 SF.

The place is gutted and needs all interior.

HOA fee is $640/mo.

Price: $16k net. 




We are on contract and have the rights to the property.  If you want to make an offer that is less than my asking price, GIVE ME THE OFFER!  I may just be able to accommodate your request!

Call me if you want them,
Malendaz 941-628-3891

Friday, February 13, 2009

Investment Homes In Tampa FL, Wow

Hello, Friends, Here are the details on the properties in Tampa FL. I have removed address because they are not listed yet. Please let me know if your Investors are Interested?
Note: This does not reflect commission...Please ADD 4%

WE HAVE HARD MONEY WITH 620 middle score....


1. Cash or Hard Money - ONLY
2. All Deals NET CASH price - to seller.
3. All Deals sold are being sold "As Is"
A $2000.00 NON refundable deposit as ALL title are clear and are NOT owned by the banks or other entities.

These deals WILL NOT Last -

They ARE NOT in war zones, we HAND picked ALL deals that we buy.

All have clear titles.

****All Have Been Appraised****

1). Tampa, Fl 33612,
2/1/1 - 720 htd sq ft, 1266 gross, Block
$38k net, appraised for $130k on 1/28/09
1k in repairs (minor cosmetics)
S.F.R. – Built 1951

2). Tampa, Fl 33614
3/2 - 899 sq ft, frame/ stucco
$53k net, appraised for $162k on 1/28/09
1k in repairs ( minor cosmetics)
S.F.R. - Built 1963

3). Tampa, Fl 33610
2/1/1 - 1279 htd - 1356 gross, Block has a HUGE LOT
$68k net , appraised for $172k on 1/28/09
S.F.R. – Built 1949

4). Tampa, Fl 33610
4/2 - 1334 sq ft., frame stucco
$44k net, appraised for $155k on 1/28/09
2k in repairs, minor cosmetics
S.F.R. - Built 1930

5). Tampa, Fl 33614
5/3 - 2067 sq. ft, Block
102k net, appraised for $250 on 2/3/09
7k in repairs ( paint, sinks, toilets, minor cosmetics)
S.F.R.- Built 1957

6). Tampa, Fl 33617
3/2 - 1334 sq ft., Block
$64k net, appraised for $150k on 2/4/09
$3k in repairs

7). Tampa, Fl 33605
3/2 with 1 effi - 1176 sq ft., Frame/ Stucco
$67k net, appraised $180k on 2/4/09
$3k in repairs

Repairs – If needed our Board Certified Building Division can assist at cost plus


Please fill out the Investor Profile. This helps us locate property and pin point what you are looking for. After we have reviewed your Investor Profile. We will give you a call to confirm all details with in. We can customize any package.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

22% below market appraisal

Beautifully renovated investment home available
at ~22% below market appraisal

Property # 178
Jackson MS

· Appraised at 128k
· Projected 36% 5 year CAGR· Completely renovated inside and out· Over $2378 in monthly positive cashflow· Quiet private fenced lot

This single-family home is an outstanding investment featuring a 5 year rate of return of ~ 36%.Built in 1960, this attractive home is located on a large lot in a quiet suburban neighborhood in northeast Jackson, MS. It features over 1558 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, dining room, living room and a 2 car carport. The home comes complete with central heat and air and has just completed renovation. The property is tenanted at $1100 a month. The home has been renovated inside and out, including:

·New paint on interior and trim
·New hardware
·New kitchen and bath floors
·New carpet throughout
·New tile bath surrounds in both bathrooms
·Fenced back yard
·New carpet in bedrooms
·New door hardware, light fixtures, ceiling fans & switch plates

Please fill out the Investor Profile. This helps us locate property and pin point what you are looking for. After we have reviewed your Investor Profile. We will give you a call to confirm all details with in.

Florida Real Estate Investment Deals

1. DUPLEX! $89,000 4904 24th Street West Bradenton , FL 34207

HOLIDAY HEIGHTS: Duplex, 2 bedroom & 1 bathroom each side, block construction, 1512sf under air (756 each side), built in 1973, 70 x 138 lot, tile flooring throughout-both sides, baths have tub with tile surround, one car carport for each side with lots of driveway space, unit on the right has an enclosed lanai, washer dryer hookups are located under the carport-one for each side, could use a good scrubbing/some neutral paint/appliances, note vanities aren’t pretty but functional, 2007 taxes=$2818, total value per county records = $181k, land value=$34k
2. 582 Pine Ranch E Rd, Osprey
3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage. Built in 1997 and in good condition.
2900 SQ FT under roof, 1953 of ac space
Sold at $448k at market peak, tax assessed at $310k
This is NOT a handyman special, it is in good condition.
This property is in a beautiful, well kept subdivision.

3. 805 18th St E (Bradenton)
2 bedroom 1 bath block home, Approx 800sqft under A/C, good condition, good rental property, The Price is $63k
4. 1816 Chrysler Ave (Sarasota) 3/2 frame home, Approx 1700sqft under A/C, built in 1973, big lot, Needs TLC, The Price is $59k.
5. 311 10th Ave Dr E (Bradenton) Handyman! 2 bedroom 1 bath, Approx 700sqft, Needs work, The Price is $15k WoW!
6. 609 28th Ave (Bradenton) 2 bedroom 1 bath home, Approx 850sqft, good area, Needs TLC, The Price is $27k
7. 1619 27th Ave E (Bradenton) 3 bedroom 2 bath 1 car attached garage, built in 1994, Approx 1200sqft under A/C, Needs TLC, nice lot, The Price is $62k. WoW!
8. Industrial Lots For Sale (Palmetto) Commercial! Zoned Light Manufactoring (LM), 3 lots side by side, buy 1 or all, tons of possibilities ... The Price is $29k each lot Wow! 1616, 1618, 1620 Walnut ave are the addresses.
If you have any questions or want to see the inside please call me ASAP. Thank you and have a great day. All the best, 941-628-3891

Monday, February 2, 2009

The benefit of seller financing

The benefit of seller financing

Many home owners dread being involved in a situation where a property
they've listed for sale has been sitting unsold for too long. The
basic reason is usually the same - the asking price is too high for
the market conditions.

In these situations, the seller is forced to lower their price in
hopes of making the property more attractive to buyers. Unfortunately,
this technique doesn't always work to sell the real estate, especially
if the seller is unwilling to "discount" their house by much, or if
the market is weak.

A great solution for the seller is to open up to an entirely different
segment of buyers by offering seller financing. This way, the property
owner can often sell their house for their desired asking price (or
even more), and find a buyer more quickly than with conventional real
estate methods.

Some homeowners are hesitant to offer seller financing services
because of a lack of understanding about how private financing works.

Like other things that seem complicated on the surface, it's simply a
matter of grasping the fundamental issues specific to seller finance.
By following the proper procedures to locate a prospective buyer,
create a note, and resell the note to a note purchaser (if necessary),
a real estate seller that is willing to "think outside of the box" can
sell their home for more money and close the deal faster as well.

Finding a prime buyer for seller financing

The majority of home buyers looking for seller financing look through
the "For Sale By Owner" ad listings in the local paper. Even in
today's Internet-dominated world, newspaper advertising continues to
be an effective means to reach those looking for seller financed
deals. A simple sale ad including the line "seller financing
available" or "credit issues OK" should help to generate interest from
the right potential candidates.

Doing the deal

Once a serious buyer is "on board" to buy, the seller works with that
party to set the terms of the note. It is especially important to draw
up the contract to favor the note holder when the property owner will
need to immediately resell the note in order to receive a large lump
sum of cash for their future payments.

Larger down payments are better than smaller amounts, and shorter
terms (5-10 years) and higher interest rates (12%-20%) are usually
preferred by buyers. It is the property seller's option to determine
what is acceptable and what terms to which the buyer will agree.

Once the details of the initial payment, payment term, interest rate,
and any necessary clauses are established, the buyer and seller can
create a new seller-financed note. Creating the note can be handled
with standardized boilerplate or the assistance of an attorney,
although some note sellers manage the private sale of their home
without any paid legal counsel at all.

Once the newly-created note has been reassigned to a buyer, the
property seller will have "cashed in" their future monthly payments
for an immediate lump sum payment from the note buyer - an amount
similar to what they would have received from a conventional sale.

Locating the right note buyer

The best method to find note buyers is using the Internet. Using a
popular search engine website with keywords such as "buy monthly
payments" or "buy mortgage payments" could lead to many interested

Enlisting the assistance of a note finder

In the secondary finance industry, a unique group of individuals
exists who specialize in locating buyers. These cash flow specialists
- often known simply as "finders" - have a unique understanding of
what most buyers are looking for. These finders are happy to work with
property sellers (or their real estate agents).

While note finders can't offer any legal advice or assist with the
creation of a note, they are qualified to give general recommendations
about note buyers' buying criteria. Most importantly, note finders
will be able to help locate a buyer for a newly-created cash flow.

Creating an attractive note for resale

Note payers and note buyers are usually looking for very different
things. Most payers would love a "no money down" purchase over 30
years at a low interest rate, but buyers wouldn't want anything to do
with this sort of note because it is a bad deal for them.

An initial down payment of at least 10% of the sale price, a fully
amortized term between 60 and 120 months, and an interest rate of 12
to 20% is typically what a note buyer is seeking. These conditions are
necessary in order to minimize the discount to the note seller. Note
buyers will always reduce the payout amount somewhat in order to
counterbalance the risks - limited equity, a payer with low or no
credit score, possible foreclosure, or having to foot the bill for
legal actions and selling the property via auction.

When property sellers are willing to offer an unconventional, private
financed note to sell their house, the end result is often much better
than the alternative of lowering the price until a "traditional buyer"
finds the deal attractive. Smart sellers who can apply owner-finance
techniques will have a huge advantage in closing difficult deals in
tough markets.

We Buy Notes===>>>

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do you have a FACEBOOK account?

Hello, Friends

CHAT TO TEXT is the world’s first Facebook application that allows your friends to chat with you through text messaging.

Simply install the application on your Facebook page and your friends can reach you on your cell phone right from your Facebook page. Your reply will be displayed immediately within the same chat window on your Facebook page for them to see.

If you are looking to get into something early, this might be your ticket.

I think you might be interested in this other opportunity that I just learned of this morning. It's a Facebook application that is a great communication tool for us who use FB for business and fun.

This just launched 4 days ago and already has over 13,000 members. Being that Facebook has well over 150 million users, I'm certain that within the next month or 2 this program will grow from 13,000 members well into the millions as well.

That's where we come in.For just $5.99 you can join Facebook MLM and make money by just having your friends chat and let everyone know.
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