Monday, October 20, 2008

Bulk Buyers and Sellers,

Bulk Buyers and Sellers,


Do you have Proof of Funds?

Do you have proof of Product?


Please, only direct representative or principal inquires.


Current Inventory:

1.       240M Nationwide REO .40 + 3 SFR

2.       150M Nevada REO .49 + 3  SFR

3.       100M Florida REO .50 + 3 SFR

4.       10M Florida REO .60 + 3 Apartment buildings.

5.      150M +3 Builder liquidation.  200+ units Las Vegas Strip condos.  High rise and mid rise luxury condos all amenities.  One of the buildings stands alone.  Brand new. 

6.      70M +3  Builder Liquidation.  Take over Texas Planned Community.  750+ acres actively under development near Airport. Retail, Office, Residential. Infrastructure & Water features in place.

7.      20M + 3 1000+ Acres Vineyard land Northern California

8.      16M + 3 Takeover 60% of appraisal. 500+ Acres for Vineyard Development in Northern California. 

9.      10M + 3 500+ Acres FWR Frontage North Los Angeles County raw land. 


We can compile virtually any REO or NPN order with POF. 

Visit our Web Site for details.  See you in Escrow!

Please fill out form for more Info:

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