Thursday, October 30, 2008

65 homes for sale in Lehigh Acres, FL...

65 homes for sale in Lehigh Acres, FL

65 homes for sale in Lehigh Acres, FL by the credit union who now owns the homes. The assets outlined in red already have the deed, the ones in blue have been requested along with the owner's names and addresses. Currently there are 2 LOI's in place which the credit union has termed "low ball offers" what will take this package is a serious buyer that can provide POF and submit that with an LOI at 61k per door and a reasonable closing period. Buyer to pay 4% commission. Asking $61,000 per home for entire portfolio or $4 Million.
My understanding that the homes are well maintained with electricity and security in place Please contact for Non Circumvent Non Disclosure agreement if you would like more info.

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