Friday, November 20, 2009

Tampa Bay's Finest Investment Properties

Block Property - Rented & Cash Flowing!
Tampa, FL 33604
3 bed/1 bath block
996 sq ft; Built in
Do Not Disturb Tenant - Drive By Only!

Price: $37K

Move In Ready! Great Neighborhood!
Tampa, FL 33605
4 bed/2 bath block
1624 sq ft; Built in
Rehab Complete!

Price: $69K

Tampa, FL 33624
4 bed/2 bath
1500 sq ft; Built in
Needs $10K or less in rehab

Price: $52K
Block Construction - Will Sell Quickly!
Tampa, FL 33605
4 bed/2 bath block
1145 sq ft; Built in
Needs $6k in rehab

Price: $55K
Recently Built - 2 Car Garage
Tampa, FL 33612
3 bed/2 bath block/stucco
1206 sq ft; Built in
Needs $1-2k in rehab

Price: $52K

Double Corner Lot with Shed!
Tampa, FL 33610
2 bed/1 bath block
770 sq ft; Built in
Needs less than $1K in rehab

Price: $29K

If you have any questions or want to see the inside please call: (941) 628-3891

Malendaz Coleman
Real Estate Investor / Online Business and Marketing Coach
Malendaz Coleman
Direct: 941 628 3891
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