Sunday, September 6, 2009

FREE $75 from Bank of America

How to get a free $75 from Bank of America

A Bank of America deal will give you 30%-40% on your investment.

Here's the deal… if you deposit $250 in a new checking account at Bank of America and use your debit card once in the first 30 days, the bank will give you $75. In addition, if you use its free bill-paying service (I already do this) and pay two bills in the first month, it will give you $25 more. What do you have to lose.

This is $100 on $250, a 40% return on your money. If you've been looking for a reason to change banks, this is a great way to be paid to move. Or do what a couple of my friends are doing, and just deposit $250 and use your debit card for one small purchase, keep the account open for six months, and collect your $75 bonus! Take advantage of this deal. This would be great for collage kids just starting out.


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