Tuesday, August 11, 2009

50% Cash Back from the builder Kissimee Florida

we are direct
add 3% for our fees
disbursement ALLOWED
will sell single units 2 or more
36 Brand new Single family attached Homes
50% Cash Back from the builder,

Current appraisals as of July 2009 avail. upon request

Located in Kissimee Florida
8 miles from Orlando International Air Port
20 mins to Disney and other attractions
Approved for Both short and long term leasing
Good rental income

7000 sq.ft club house with huge pool, gym, ect,ect
HOA is in good financial standing

128 have sold and closed at full price
Builder close out only 36 avail. NOW

4/3.5 1722 sq.ft appraised at $315,000.00 Cash back $157,500.00

3/2.5 1470 sq.ft appraised at $285,000.00 Cash back $142,500.00

Must add your fees
No further Discounts Do Not ask
This is a new offering never offered before
This offer is for a bulk purchase ONLY purchase price $5.5M Cash back $5.5Million
We will combine all titles into one LLC if buyer wants to purchase the LLC

If you have any questions or want to see the inside please call: (941) 628-3891

Malendaz Coleman
Real Estate Investor / Online Business and Marketing Coach
Malendaz Coleman
Direct: 941 628 3891
Email: admin@brothers3int.com
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