Friday, July 17, 2009

What Is Infinity Downline ?

Infinity Downline

By Malendaz Coleman

Building A Downline And Getting Paid To Do It...

Infinity Downline is a unique downline builder developed by Peter Wolfing, the owner of Surf 30, and Phone Broadcast Club. it is unique in its methods and compensation. In most downline builders, there is no income to be had besides the affiliate programs inside the builder itself. Infinity Downline works like a Funded Proposal. You can actually have your prospects paying you to see what you have while getting themselves some valuable information.

It is this ability to generate an immediate income that attracts people most. At a cost of only $25 and no admin fee (this is a bonus) it is dirt cheap to get hours of video marketing tutorials that are of actual value for anyone trying to market online!

This has the ability to generate a great residual income for you in the process, where most funded proposals are a one time shot, this offers a residual aspect which is a great benefit.

In the back office you have the ability to email and contact your group at any given tie through the system. It integrates well with paypal, alertpay, google checkout and other payment processors giving you a variety of options for taking payments. Another great benefit to this system is the fact that all money goes directly to your account immediately, and the system activates the users account as well.

People have always had a problem with these types of systems due to the fact that there was no way for a marketer to build their own list, but infinity Downline has integration for autoresponders and allows you to set up your own list in aweber. This is a HUGE benefit for those people that are trying to build their own list.

In my opinion, Infinity Downline is a superior builder that should be taken seriously as it is poised for explosive growth!

Grow Your Downline - Get Paid To Infinity

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