Monday, May 11, 2009

Good properties are moving quickly...


The Palm Beach Post just reported that home sales have increased 134% from March to April. We have had over 3 months of increases in the number of sales. Good properties are moving quickly with multiple offers and bids over list price.

It's been more difficult to get great deals due to the number of first time buyers willing to pay more than investors.

The following are bank owned and ready to close. We can assist with financing, as long as the buyer is able to secure 75% LTV Financing,5 days for inspection, 30 days for title and closing. Proof of funds required, and deposit of $1,000 on all properties. The deposit is refundable at any time during the inspection period.

These properties are vacant, but we can assist with locating a tenant if necessary. We do not provide property management, but can direct you to people who provide these services if needed.

We make these recommendations based on area, income and future appreciation potential. Regardless of the current market conditions, properties that yield 9% or more are better than gambling in the stock market.

Call Jessica (941) 421-4052

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